About Us

Welcome To Green Optimum Enterprises

Our expertise and quality work will make a positive contribution to your environment and quality of life.

Who Are We

From consulting to design, and from installation to maintenance, our team of expert have many years of professional background in making pleasant and comfortable living and working environment for customers.

Our Mission

To bring every customer a pleasant, comfortable, and beautiful living and work environment.

What We Do

We design, install, and maintain green rooftops, pedestal and paving, stone and irrigation.

Our Background

Our experts have a long professional experience in meeting and exceeding client expectations. We have designed, built, and maintained many projects during years of our service. What has always been consistent is the priority of client satisfaction, commitment to the green and sustainable solutions, and bringing life to the living and working environment. Our experts come from variety of disciplines, including project management, construction, landscaping, woodwork, and flooring.

Why Choose Us?

We design, using the best methods and models available in the industry. Moreover, our design works is done with full involvement of the clients and thus the end result is exactly what they were expecting if not even better than that.

Projects are finished only when the customers are happy with the end results. In our practice, attaining and exceeding satisfying results is the only measure to call the work done.

Our professional staff come from many different industry expertise. This allow us to look at every project from many different angels. Considering cost-effective ways to deliver the best quality of work in a timely manner aligned with construction and safety guidelines is not possible if beside our landscaping and designers, we didn’t have experts in construction and project management.